Physical Agility Test Information

  • Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications requirements will receive an invitation via email to participate in the physical agility test.
  • Participants in the physical agility test MUST bring a physicians certificate signed by their primary care physician in order to participate.
  • Applicants must download the Physical Fitness Test Booklet to provide to their primary care physician with the certificate to be signed. Candidates should refer to this booklet for preparation for the test. The physical fitness test booklet explains, in detail, each event and the minimum requirements for each event.
  • Candidates must pass ALL phases of the physical agility test in order to continue in the process.

Applicants must successfully pass a Physical Fitness Test which encompasses the following events:

Sit Ups

This is a measure of the muscular endurance of the applicant's abdominal and hip flexor muscles. Applicants must lie on their backs; knees bent, with fingers interlocked behind their head, heels flat on the floor. Another applicant will hold their feet down. Heels will be approximately the distance between the applicant's outstretched thumb and small finger from the buttocks. From the "down" or "starting" position on their back, the applicant will raise their upper body, fingers interlocked behind their head, and touch their elbows to their knees at the "up" ending position. Applicants will then lower themselves until their shoulder blades touch the mat. This will be recorded as one (1) correct sit up. Applicants may rest only in the "up" position. The applicant score will be the total number of correct sit ups completed in one (1) minute.

300 Meter Run

This is a measure of applicant's anaerobic power capacity. Applicants will run a distance of 300 meters at a maximal level of effort. The time used to complete the distance will be recorded in seconds.

Push Ups

This is a measure of the applicant's muscular endurance of the upper body (anterior deltoids, pectorals and triceps). The applicant's hands are placed slightly wider than shoulder width apart, with fingers pointed forward. The administrator of the event will place their fist or one (1) sponge on the floor below the applicant's chest. If a male is testing a female applicant, a three (3) inch sponge should be placed under the sternum to substitute for the fist. Starting from the "up" position (elbows extended), the applicant must keep their back straight at all times and lower their body to the floor until their chest touches the administrator's fist or sponge. The applicant then returns to the "up" position. This is recorded as one (1) correct push up. Applicants may rest only in the "up" position. The total number of push-ups with correct form completed in one (1) minute is recorded as the score.

1.5 Mile Run

This test is used to measure the efficiency of the cardiovascular system and how it responds to imposed physical demand. The applicant must run or jog a distance of 1.5 miles in the shortest time possible. All scores are individually recorded.

For questions regarding the recruitment process please contact 401-222-1840